Our mission

Why is Swim VR not only fun, but also useful?

The ocean is the most amazing place on our planet. It occupies 71% of the earth and is on average 3.7 kilometers deep. 95% of what happens in the depths has never been seen by a human. There are jellyfish that are up to 46 meters long, three-meter fishes and we discover new amazing creatures again and again. 80% of life on earth takes place underwater.

Humanity depends on the ocean:

You can only protect what you know. We bring now the unique and fascinating world full of wonders to wherever there is water. We bring the ocean to you.

More than half of the oxygen we all breathe every day is produced by our oceans. Oceans absorb around half of our global CO2 emissions. The oceans are completely overfished, are getting warmer and more acidic – all of this threatens the living beings underwater and also the humans who depend on this ecosystem. Incredible amounts of plastic waste are floating on the water and

on land, there are now even „plastic islands“ that are created by eddies in the ocean. It is time to act, but everyone has to participate. We believe that everyone should experience the miracle in the seas. However, not everyone can travel there. Not everyone has the financial means to see with their own eyes how breathtaking and worth protecting our oceans are.

Support a project that creates more understanding for the protection of the world’s oceans, offer your guests the opportunity to experience the underwater world, win new guests and increase your sales!

„That was awesome! I want to do that again immediately! “ Maria, 65 years

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